Water Leakage Repair Specialist and Contractor in Kuala Lumpur & Klang Valley 

At our Water Leakage Repair Specialist and waterproofing specialist contractor Malaysia, we offer a full and comprehensive range of water leaks repair, plumbing leakage repair, waterproofing repair and sanitary services. There are no repair jobs which are too big or too small for us.

Water Leakage Repair, toilet leakage repair and bathroom maintenance service: -

Waterproofing leakage repair, install new water proof membrane and maintenance service

Water Leakage Repair, Toilet Leakage Repair and Bathroom Maintenance Service in Malaysia

Concrete roof waterproofing repair and maintenance, our waterproofing products include waterproofing agents, water proofing paint waterproofing coatings and waterproofing membrane. we also have waterproofing- PU grouting, torch on membrane, epoxy coating, water proofing chemicals, flexible cementitious waterproofing membrane consisting of a synthetic resin mixed with a blend of selected cement and well-graded fillers and other waterproofing materials. Our waterproofing contractors are the right persons to do waterproofing services, water leakage repair to ceiling, wall, window frame leakage repairs, waterproofing to RC roof, metal roof, tile roof, toilet, RC water-tank, planter box, external wall. We also repair concrete roof leakages, concrete work- epoxy grouting, toilet floor leakages, brick wall leakages.

- Epoxy injection of fractures in concrete slabs

- Application of Liquid Waterproof Membranes

- Sheet Waterproof Membranes - Installation / Removal

- Application of hydrostatic coatings

- Application of elastomeric coating systems





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